Some nice pics from May 09, 2003 NY send by Bob
ready ?  Let's go  Blue railroad train
Le 09 mai 2003 New York. Envoyé par Bob


Imaginez un pays étranger fascinant, un
décalage horaire déboussolant.
Vous ne savez ni quand ni où vous êtes et
votre guit-artiste préféré vous explique
quelques-uns des tours qu'il a dans son
C'est un rêve éveillé !

Fur Peace Ranch Experience
Drive slowly

Imagine a fascinating foreign land, a
disorienting timelag.
You don't know neither when nor where
you are and your favorite guit-artist
teaches you some of the tricks he has in
his bag...
"You must say I'm a dreamer" but I was
awake !

D'morning Vanessa
Jorma in the cold sun
Jorma in Cold sun
Dr John & quenn Ginger
Dr. John & Queen Ginger

Colleagues  Back Rob face Jack  Georges  Dr Phil & ...
They're all my friends / Back Rob face Jack / Georges / Dr. Phil & Jeff

Jorma teaching  Rob & Robert  Captain & cabin boy
Captain Guitartist / Rob & Robert & his Martin / Captain & Cabin-boy

One evening in Pomeroy blues bar
Thanks Greg  another shot ?  That's me !
Pomeroy blues bar / Another shot? / Pomeroy blues beers

Blues in blues bar  Jack, Rob & Robert  Blues in blues bar
Pomeroy blues band / Jack, Rob & Robert without his Martin/ Bud lite please

Come on Jack  yeah  One more time
And then Jack shake the neck

The student performance
Emily & Al's perf
Emily & Al's class performance 

I don't remeber...  Who's that guy ?
Who's that guy ? / A french man in Ohio

Big Jam  Yes, Big one  Hi Michael  Really big jam
Michael Falzarano's Giant Jam

Amy was giant too

Trying to fake the Blue Country Heart (thanks Paul)
The porch 
This  is  just  a  joke
Blue, Country, Heart, Paradise

Beatrice love kitchen  Bull terrier  Fur Peace Paradise  FPR Station
Beatrice Love Kitchen, heart of the Ranch / Bull Terrier / Autumn leaves / Fur Peace Station blues

See you soon 
I'll be back...

Dime for a beer
Dime for a beer