J. Rogers

It was down on Big Ed's barroom
On the corner behind the square
Everybody's drinking liquor
The regular crowd was there
I walked out on the sidewalk
begin walkin' around
I Looked everywhere I'd tought she be
But my baby couln't be found

I pass by the big infirmary
I heard my sweet heart mourn
Gee it hurts me to see you there
'Cause you konow you used to be my own
I goes down to see the doctor
Your gal is low, he said
I went back to see my Baby
Good God she was lying there dead

I stroll on to the barroom
Drink good whiskey 'till night
'Cause it hurts me to see by gal
Lyin' there so cold, so white
She's gone, she's gone, God bless her
She's mine wherever she may be
She had ramble this wild world over
But she never found a ? like me

Well the sixteen cold black horses
All the ? in line
In their pretty bobys she's riding
Good-bye ho gal of mine