La version de l'album "Quah".
Il faut descendre le mi grave en Ré et mettre le capodastre à la 2ème case.
La suite ressemble beaucoup à ce début. Reste à publier le break. Si vous voulez m'aider, melez moi.

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Say there's gonna be some sailin'
On the mornin tide
Breakers clear your ears
The oceans here
To take you for a ride
Building houses made of paper
Livin for the day
Your one way ride
On gravel slide
Begins to fade away
I'm singing everybody knows its true
The way I feel about you
Got no mind for wastin time
Feeling like I do
Now I feel like only smilin
Livin by your side
Our course is clear
We see it near
There's no more lonesome ride
Heading for our destination
The past is out of sight
Your eyes in mine
In fires entwine
We finally reached the light
Heading for that sunshine country
Blowin with the wind
The love we know
Can't help but grow
As light comes rollin in
As light comes rolling