La version présentée ici est celle de l'album "Quah".
C'est un blues en open tunning de Ré. Accorder D-A-D-F#-A-D (Ré-La-Ré-Fa#-La-Ré) du grave à l'aigu. Ajouter un capo à la deuxième case.
C'est un blues fantastique, énorme, géant... avec plein de cordes à vide ! Je publierai bientôt la suite. Si vous voulez m'y aider, melez moi.

Quah Retour vers les tabs de l'album Quahpolice dog blues

police dog blues (intro)police dog blues (verse 1)police dog blues ( break 1)police dog blues ( break 2)police dog blues ( verse 3)police dog blues ( break 3)

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All my live i've been a travelin'
Staying alone and doing the best i
I shipped my trunk down to Tenessee.
Hard to tell about a man like me.
I met a gal, couldn't get her off my
She passed me up, saying she didn't
like my kind.
I'm scared to bother round her house
at night.
She's got a police dog craving for a
His name is rambling when he gets his chance.
He leaves his mark on everybody's
Guess i'll travel, guess i'll let her be.
Before she sics her police dog on me.